Saturday 13 July 2013

Holiday preparations !!

And the preparation continues!! Lol ;)
Yesterday and today my annual trip to the beauty therapist for waxing , nails etc . It's something I don't normally have time for working full time but now it's the school summer holidays its my treat!!
Packing will continue too.

We have arranged to meet up with all these lovely bloggers. Can't wait to put faces to names! 

Lyssa griffin zw.
Dawn olchefske.
France Martin
Dawn Griffith 
Lynn Weiss
Becky Roberts
Heather summers.
Tami white. 
Jan tink.
Angie juda Kennedy
Jackie Topa.
Diana Gibbs.
Mary fish.
Kimberley van diepen.
Dawn Griffith.
Patty Bennett

I thought I would give you a wee peek of the swaps I made with Dawn for the Incentive trip part if our vacation.

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