Thursday, 11 November 2010

Convention Day 1

Friday was the day Convention "officially" began.  It was a VERY early start for us all.  We had been told to be in the hotel reception for 7.30am.  As I had slept so well the night before I was up and ready in plenty of time.
The buses picked us up and we were driven the short disctance to Addington Palace.

 There was a HUGE queue on arrival to register and pick up our goodies.  We all took the oportunity in the queue to start swapping though!! As we were having so much fun swapping cards and putting names to faces the long wait didnt seem so bad.
This is the bag we got and we got 2 stamps sets too.

We did "paper, stamp, marker" which was basicaly making up a sample sheet of All the colours.  Here si Elaine having fun while we did it!!

Sharon and I had a quick cup of tea then escaped outside for some fresh air

We met Shelli.  I look huge in this photo!!LOL!! My chair was a lot higher!!

Took photos on the main satge

We shopped in "momento mall".  I bought a couple of shopping bags, a ruler, a stamp and some pop up bins!!

We then returned to the Main stage area for the begiining of the General Session, Workshop WOWs and various other speakers.

At around 5pm we all rushed back out to the buses to go back to the Hotel to change for the evening Gala Dinner.  I will post about that tomorrow.

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