Sunday, 14 November 2010

Awards Night Continued

Hopefully some of my team mates will email some better photos of the awards night!!

After the meal and presentations were finished it was back to the Hilton in the coaches.  The "Tartan Stampers" decided to congregate in the upstairs foyer area.  We were very naughty and being mean Scots and not wanting to pay bar prices we had arranged our own "stash" of refreshments (hopefully the Hilton management don't read this blog).  We were all exhausted but we didn't want the evening to end and Dawn had hinted that she "may" have a surprise for us all!!

Dawn indeed had a surprise.  She had brought us gifts back from Monaco and also had a few more surprises.
Thanks Dawn.  Just LOVE my thistle brooch.

No party is complete without the guests who turn up in their PJs!!! (sorry girls!)
(please note they didn't dress like this for the awards dinner - see my pics in the previous post!)

Thank you Liz - a fantastic gift from my team mate.

Cant remember the exact time but Sharon and I decided to call it a night and headed back to our room.  We had followed convention tradition and brought a "roomie" gift for each other.  We swapped gifts when we got back to the room.  Sharon knows me well and her gift to me was all co-ordinating with my favorite colour - Old Olive!!  Thanks Sharon.

Black bag that held the gifts, personalised perfume spray for my handbag, beautiful bracelet and a yankee candle.
See the lovely co-ordinating card too!!

We went to sleep far too late as usual!!  Will post about day 2 of Convention tomorrow along with pics of swaps.

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Lorraine said...

lolololololol thanks Fiona, glad you can keep a secret!!!!!!!!