Monday, 21 June 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

This is the card I made for my Dad for Fathers Day.  My Parents are on holiday so it is waiting for them to come home. I got the inspiation from a US blog - cant find it now to give credit.
It is made using Stampin Kraft and black card stock.  I used my favourite "lovely as a tree" stamp set and black ink.  Very simple - just finished off with SU linnen thread and a button out of my sewing box.

As my parents are on holiday I am on babysitting duties for their canary.  It is the MOST noisy and messy "thing" out.  When I am on the phone it does a VERY good impression of the smoke alarm!! (Isn't that right Dawn??!!) At every good bit during a TV programme it sings SOOO loudly.  Not "nice" signing but more like a door bell sound!!  Look at the mess it spills out from the cage daily!!


Dawn said...

I thought you had burnt some toast when I was on the phone, it would be in the garage if I had to look after it.
Lovely card.

LorraineM said...

Like your card. but not so keen on the bird!!!! I would have to give it a wide berth!!!